Port to Port Literacy Program

Inspired by a visit to a local third grade classroom, Fisherman’s Language goes Port to Port was created to pass on the delight and enthusiasm both the children, and James experienced during this visit. His message to them was clear and they deeply embraced it: Never give up on your education. Take it as far as you can. And, of course, everybody’s favorite. K-e-e-e-p Readin,!”

Because James cannot visit other classrooms, we decided to send his book instead. The traveling book will leave the Shining Star’s classroom in Ledyard, CT after spending a week with the class. The book will travel from state to state and spend one week with the next lucky classroom before it moves on. There is a suggestion page for the class to help them enjoy their own visit, but the book has proven to stir up a wild enthusiasm for reading and learning about proper grammar and the art of storytelling, so the journey is open for new ideas and ways of approaching literature.

A map of the United States will accompany the book, along with a sticker which is to be placed on the state it has just visited, and this journey will be tracked on our website, here on the Port to Port page! Photos and fan mail have already been included from the Shining Stars, and will soon be included here on this page.

Once the book visits all 50 states, we will send it to the White House in hopes that our President will sign it and send it on its maiden voyage around the world!!

It is our hope that this organic learning process will grow as it travels across America, leading us to a discovery about new ways to learn and approach basic reading and writing skills, as well as providing our children with a deeper and richer way to connect with literature.

If you are interested in having the book visit your school, please leave your information here and we will get back to you!

View a photo gallery of letters and photos of students involved in the Port to Port program.

Update: Here’s a wonderful message from 10-year-old Grace:

Hi im 10 years old and I saw your video and Im so happy for you.I hope you write another book, I’m reading your book soon.I always knew that you can never be too young or too old to learn something new.I hope you are ok after what you went throw.Im so happy for you!!!Please write back soon at ************!!!! I love A Fisherman Language!!!!!
                                                                                  From your friend,
My reply to Grace:
Dear Grace,
   I am Mr. Jim Henry’s granddaughter, Marlisa.  I will copy this letter and let him see it (all us kids call him Pop).  You have written such a beautiful letter that I think it will be the best thing that happens to him today!!  Can you ask your mother if we can post your letter on the web site in the Port to Port section?  Have you seen that? You and your class may want to have his book visit your school.  Where do you live?  I look so much forward to hearing from you again.  You are a beautiful young lady, your name matches your heart!  All my best, Marlisa     PS How did you hear about his book?
Next a note from Mom:
Hi Marlisa,
Thank you so much for responding to Grace, it just made her day! I saw the article about your Grandfather in People magazine and had to share it with Grace and her brother Vincent. Such a positive story and I love being able to share something that shows them you can accomplish anything with hard work! We purchased your grandfathers book tonight on our Kindle and Grace is reading it aloud as I type this (We skipped the occasional swear word!) : )
Please tell your Grandfather that he is now on Grace’s list of heros and thank him for teaching people that you can do anything!
Best Wishes,
Gina (Grace’s Mom)
And a final note from Grace:
My mom said you can post it on the port to port page! And i live in Colorado and I have heard about that page.I heard about this book by a magazine and I read it and it touched my heart so I had to  do this.All I can think about right now is how is this happening to me getting on the port to port page also my class would love to hear about this! Im reding it this very miunte!