We hear from family, too


What a nice way to start a Sunday morning !
Tom & I were reading the papers and Tom came across an article on Grandpa in our little hometown newspaper . Sweet !
Our paper is the Daily Times in Salisbury, Maryland….article written by John Christoffersen from the AP>

I read the book the day it arrived (thanks) and then my husband read it.
We thoroughly enjoyed it…..and we have told everyone about it….and we anxiously await the next book
with the back story, I will be first in line to get it.

I think of the tutors who helped your Grandpa…how wonderful it must have been for them to help someone so
interested in learning to read…..and what a thrill to see his progress……and then to write his stories !!!! WOW !
I am a little jealous that I wasn’t one of his tutors.

What is the best way to keep up with you ? I see many sites on the internet….which is the most current and
accurate ? We don’t want to miss a thing.

We hope you are all well and enjoying this glorious ride.

Hugs to Grandpa,
Tom & Esther Stevenson

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More messages to keep us going

Here’s another heartening message:

Hi Marlisa!

I just saw an online video clip of your grandpa, and it brought tears to my eyes.  I am a teacher (past, Elementary, currently Adult English as a Second Language) and a Life Coach.  I found your grandfather’s story moving and inspirational!

I just bought four copies of his book – one for myself and three to give as gifts!  Please tell your grandpa that he has a big fan in Santa Monica, CA!

Yours truly, Paula Verbit

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Another great article

Mr. Shannon P. Baldridge, President/Co-Founder of Guy Manningham wites:


I just wanted to show our admiration. He is a great inspiration to us all and embodies the values we try to showcase in my magazine. I personally wrote this article after a friend showed me his story. From all the staff at GuyManningham.com, we salute Captain Henry.

Here is the link to the article: http://guymanningham.com/2012/03/fishermans-language/

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Back ordered again

So sorry folks, but the book is back ordered again. We are simply overwhelmed by the response to James’ story, and we appreciate all the kind words and encouragement. We expect the books to be back in stock very soon, and we thank you for  your patience.

The book is still available at  Bank Square Books, Mystic Seaport Museum Bookstore, and Other Tiger, in Westerly, R.I. We will be filling orders just as soon as we have the books back in stock.

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We hear from teachers, too

I just wanted to say that I am a teacher and have used your grandfather’s story as a way to inspire learning in my classroom.

I know you are very proud of him. I would be too!

God bless him, you and your families.

Kathreen Mendoza
Chaffin Junior High School
Fort Smith, Arkansas

She’s right. We are very proud of him.

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More fan mail

We just keep getting these wonderful messages from young readers who have heard James’ story:

Hi, My Name is Ashley and I heard What Has happened to You! This is amazing for you!! Congrats!! And My BFF grace sent You a Message to! I’m hoping to see your book soon!! This i sJUST WOW To me!!!!  When i heard About This and what happened, I felt really bad and then when i got to the happy part i was So happy!!! 🙂 E-mail Me back at ashleyarizona16@yahoo.com Thanks!
                                                                    Take Care, Ashley 😉
And so we respond:
Hi Ashley!
I’m Mr. Jim’s granddaughter, Marlisa.  Thanks for an awesome letter and, like Grace, I will help my grandfather write you back soon!  Thanks again, Marlisa
The replies keep coming:
Marlisa, I think Your A Very Thoughtful Girl!! And You are VERY nice to your grandfather!!!
I think its amazing what You Have done!  Mr.Jim, You Inspire me to read more often now.
Now I think reading is the BEST! When I was younger, I didn’t like to read i just goofed off, But now, I think its’s VERY important to read! It will help you learn! 🙂 Are you 12 or somthing like that? And are you and your grandfather close??
                                                           Love, Ashley 🙂
Pop has some letters to write!
:"> blushingAshley!

Thanks so much for your kind words to me!  I loved your guess at my age, but guess what?  I am one half a century younger than Pop and he will be 100 in one year!  I am very close to my grandfather.  I was his first mate on his lobster boat for a few summers and that his how I got to know him so well.  He was always silent until the ride home and then he would open up and tell me all his stories.  I bet you would love to hear him laugh because it will make you laugh too! All my best, Marlisa

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Our port to port program launches

Back in January, James had a chance to visit a local classroom in Ledyard, CT to talk with children at the Ledyard Center School.The visit was such a success, that we began looking for ways to share the experience, as well as the book, with other children. Since James is limited in how far he can travel, a world tour was unfortunately not an option.

But we soon came up with an idea for his book to go on the road without him, and the port to port program was launched. You can read the details of the program here, and also read the inspirational letters from students who James met in his original visit. Their enthusiasm gave us the idea, and we are grateful to them.

We hope you’ll follow the progress of the book as it travels to all fifty states and eventually back to Mystic. We will update its progress here from time to time. If you’d like the book to visit your school, please contact us, and we’ll put you on the itinerary.

In A Fisherman's Language - Port to port literacy program

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We get wonderful email

Just had to share this :

I am a 39 year old working mother of 3 boys, who just saw James’ story on NBC 30. It truly made me smile :-) One of the most inspiring stories I have heard in a long time !! I work as a Bilingual Teachers Assistant in New Britain CT, and we deal with many literacy issues everyday. I always preach to my students that its never too late to learn and am hoping to play this video for them later this week. I just sent this info to a friend who owns a bookstore as well, so she will be ordering books to sell(one is set aside for me) !!  I have linked this story on my Facebook wall to share with all my friends, who I hope will share with all theirs, and so on…and so on…
I also have always loved to write. It has been my passion my entire life.  My dream is to write a book(poetry mostly), but I have many other stories in the works. This story was just what I needed to kick myself into gear. I have said…someday I will be published; but just don’t know where to begin ! This has given me the inspiration to get the ball rolling !! I would love to pick the brain of someone who has done so already. Any ideas, suggestions etc. would be great ! James is truly an inspiration. May God continue to guide James and bless him even more !!

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Where:  Academy Point in Mystic
20 Academy Lane
Mystic, Ct.  06379

Date:      Sunday, December 18th
Time:     1-3pm

Join us to celebrate with James at a Benchmark Corporation sponsored Academy Point Event.  James will only be able to sign for as long as his stamina allows.  Personalized signings are not an option due to the unexpected  high volume of requests.  If your book does not get signed at the event, he may be able to accomodate you later when he reenergizes.  Thank you!

20 Academy Lane, Mystic CT 06355

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Catching up

We have experienced an overwhelming response to the release of In A Fisherman’s Language, and we are working very hard to get orders filled just as quickly as possible. We thank each and every one of you for your enthusiastic support. We will respond to all of your emails and comments as soon as possible.

Again, we are very touched by all of your kind words and thoughts. Please keep in touch with us, as we begin a new journey to provide you with resources and more stories from Captain James Henry.

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